Generac and ERCOT- Working Together to Save Lives

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Generators are Joining the Virtual Power Plant

When your community experiences a surge in electricity use, it increases stress on the electrical grid. This can lead to power outages, affecting your ability to complete everyday tasks like filling up on gas, withdrawing cash from the bank, or going grocery shopping. Stress on the grid can also lead to the deployment of backup power plants, which can inflate utility costs and increase air pollution. Generac has partnered with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to help avoid these outcomes by creating the Generac Virtual Power Plant Pilot Program. Participating Home Standby generator homeowners can earn $500* by using their generator to power their homes to help alleviate stress on the electrical grid when demand is high. Here’s how it works:

Earn 500

We are on the INSIDE TRACK

As a Generac Dealer, we have been staying up to date with this exciting new functionality and purpose for standby power generation. We are one of three dealers in Texas with customers enrolled in the Virtual Power Plant Pilot Program. From what we have been told, the program has been a success and plans are underway for a substantial increase in "Generators on the Grid."

We hope to continue to help our customers maintain their generators and ERCOT wants that to happen too. We know there will be "incentives" but we don't know much more about what those incentives might be.

We would tell you more, and we will tell you more as soon as we have more information to share. In the meantime, if you would like to ensure we include you our emails regarding the Virtual Power Plant, fill out the form on this page.

What Does it Mean?


Soon, Generator owners can allow Ercot to use their generator to help relieve excess burden on the Grid. 

ERCOT needs more and better ways of meeting excess demand.

Smart Grid connected devices include solar, batteries, water heaters, and now even Generators

Our Network of generators already connected through the Mobile Link Dealer Managed Program will be invited.

10,000+ Generators could possibly be the difference between meeting excess demand and dangerous rolling black outs.